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Time for India to tap Canada’s potential. A strong IndiaCanada engagement can be productive in many ways.
We are bringing some of Canada’s best software products to emerging markets by adding a high degree of local content and support to ensure that our solutions have real-time expertise.
Introducing Kanata Firms to clients in India participating in what they agree is a opportunity of a life time.
Raj Narula is President and co-founder of TaraSpan. Raj is formerly CEO and co-founder of TenXc Wireless, a company developing intelligent antenna systems for the GSM market.
India a Challenging but promising market, entrepreneurs hear
Hero Summit 2020.
The Maharaja’s Ball, Convention Centre – A fund raising event.
2015 recipient of the Faculty of Engineering’s Alumni Award of Excellence.
Unlocking India’s Promise.
Symposium on Sikhism.