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About InCa

InCa Synergies has been building bridges between Canada and the Global markets for over 20 years. We are experts in the introduction, deployment and support of technology solutions from North America into India, UAE, and the South East Asia regions.

InCa Synergies has deep expertise in helping Enterprises grow in markets. We have had success in the Telecom, Healthcare, Education and Government sectors with identifying, deploying and supporting opportunities. In addition, we assist companies with appropriate strategies to help them identify and secure funding to fuel the path to growth.

We specialize in not just strategic market entry but have also successfully completed M&A’s and JV’s for companies within the respective domains. We have been organizing and leading bi-lateral delegations with Government and Industry partnerships. Over 100 companies from North America and India have participated on these delegations to both India and Canada over the past many years. Our team has arranged strategic meetings and generated meaningful outcomes to advance the business interest.

Why InCa
Collective experience of good business practice and integrity has enabled the team on the
ground in India to navigate our clients to successful outcomes. Over the last 20 years we
have been actively creating partnerships, sharing knowledge, seeding technology and
generating revenues in defined markets.


India has a large educated, English-speaking population. This constitutes a competitive advantage vis-à-vis other emerging markets. This advantage has for instance been utilized to export IT services to the benefit of the Indian economy.


A digital transformation is emerging across the globe with a number of governments in the MENA region kicking off online platforms to continue providing education services.

South East Asia

At current growth rates, ASEAN should become the fourth-largest market after the EU, U.S. and China by 2030, supported by an increasingly well-educated workforce.

The Team
Founder & CEO

Raj is a serial entrepreneur and has been an active angel investor in eLearning, Web Portals, Security and IT companies. He started his first successful business at age twenty (22).

He has helped launch numerous start-ups, taking strategic management roles, and helped to secure over $75 million in early and mid-stage funding. He also co-founded and operated many businesses in Ottawa spanning 35 years.