Innovation is critically important to a nation’s economic welfare, since innovation plays a crucial role in promoting productivity growth. In turn, productivity growth underlies improvements in an economy’s standard of living. Canada has been a global leader in establishing Super Clusters that are creating avenues for Innovation to commercialize. The adoption of technology in the future will propel innovation across industries and significantly improve a quality of life and the economy over the next decade.
The Super Clusters draw together broad-based industry groups that commit investment and in-kind contributions alongside government funding to work collectively to advance high-potential areas of the economy and make Canada more competitive. The outcomes are impressive as they cover:
  • Support for research and research infrastructure
  • Supporting evidence-based decision making
  • Fostering the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs
  • Development of intellectual property
  • Establish partnerships with top universities and colleges to develop and nurture talent
  • Increase collaboration with academia, Industry and non-profit organizations.
Canadian AI Ecosystem 2019
Super Clusters across Canada