Manjigani Anand Rao

Advisor – Edtech

With over 30 years of professional experience in two domains – Digital Media and Training, Anand has trained over 5000 people across sectors like IT, Healthcare, Banking Finance and Insurance, Print Media and Publishing leveraging and combining technology and training skills to develop innovative blended training solutions for each client.

The digital media experience brought in multimedia, web design and technology . The training experience brought in customer service and communication skills development for entry level, middle management and senior management.

He has designed learning solutions for clients that require an optimum balance of technology and traditional training interventions. Certified as a master trainer from IBM GPS  he initiated and delivered programs covering 3000 entry level candidates in communication skills and customer service related soft skills. As a master trainer he has developed  programs to train over 100 trainers in soft skills and facilitation skills. He is a Certified Life Coach who has worked with over 200 professionals to achieve their goals and targets.

The depth of experience and exposure to management has enabled him to coach and train middle and senior level management innovatively and effectively. His keen ability to listening and communicating effectively, adapting course content and methods in real time has brought very effective results to all our clients. The programs include building vocabulary, developing expression of thought, language structure correction, accent neutralization, building fluency, improving presentation skills for both a live audience and on call, voice modulation for speeches and conversation and lastly building comprehension through listening and responding.

As a content developer I apply instructional design principles to all my content and have developed my own proprietary methodologies for each of the programs above. With a keen orientation toward research, I validate my training methods with third party research. I also conduct research on dialects of Indian English and am building an India specific archive.

Anand grew up across the Globe living in Canada, UK, Panama, Indonesia and India. He is a Marathon runner who has participated in over 20 full and half marathons in many geographies.