Large Scale Assessment Deployment


The client, a large ITES company with over 200,000 global employees, had hiring locations across the country where candidates were recruited based upon their qualifications, technical skills and aptitude. However it was necessary to conduct a secondary communication skills competency test. As this was a time bound exercise that was to be proctored, all candidates with Letters of Intent, Job Offers, were to be tested at the same time across 7 locations. The expectation was that all results must be generated in real-time for HR to process all applications.


The challenge in this deployment was the diverse hardware and operating systems resource across multiple locations. We create a detailed governance plan for the client’s IT team, defining processes and protocols for verification and checking of all resources.

In addition to giving the client confidence that our solution would work seamlessly, we provided comprehensive load balancing reports of the servers. One of the ramp-up issues was the ability to handle the load for a national simultaneous test of over 650 test takers across multiple locations. As part of the deployment plan metrics, each test location was checked remotely to ensure compliance for requisite hardware, software and resources deployed.

An SOP was created for the proctoring team in addition to being given comprehensive training on handling large volumes of test takers.

The test was taken by sample batches checking the real-time data and the calibration of test results across skill levels. 

Results600 plus users took the test simultaneously across 7 locations and 12 labs with each test being completed with integrity. This confirmed that the capability as needed was in place to test a large set of users across locations. Data was generated in real-time enabling HR to close on the recruitment exercise within 24 hours. The customized reporting delivered multi-layers of information for the relevant management stream to ensure compliance and decision-making capability.

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