Planning a new Mobile Network Deployment


The service provider, a large operator with over 100 Million subscribers, was evaluating new technology to implement working while determining their overall needs of what a network footprint would look like as they launched into the market. With all the choices and claims by OEM’s it was difficult to make a choice from one vendor to another as they all sounded the same albeit a few differences. They were looking at Capability vs vs Cost vs Experience vs Scalability vs Local Support.


With no contract commitment our team jumped into action and started to support the internal engineering and planning teams with deep expertise to help address the all the issues that were put before us. As there was no network yet we used test sites on large campuses to demonstrate the capability and integrity of our solution. This was followed by embedding solution architects to work closely with the internal teams so that the thinking was aligned as to how to map the network effectively to ensure no gaps exist in the overall decsign. Site studies were conducted with the client’s Engineering teams to understand the challenges at the field level in different locations. Extensive testing was conducted over several months to ensure that all scenarios were being considered from a network behaviour perspective including the impact of monsoon weather.

The Results

The selection of our solution to launch the network was a result of the support provided to the client.  Their decision was based upon the fact that we covered all the problem statement issues that were outlined on the onset. Our team was working in multiple time-zones including weekends for months at a time demonstrating our capability and commitment. Our solution was deployed with a local onsite support team that ensured frequent testing of our solution to ensure that it met the specifications. Quality metrics were put in place to ensure as the network demand grew the solution would be able to handle to scalability requirements as required and demanded by the client.

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