Increase Capacity and Reach of Mobile Network


The time and cost spent on their Mobile Network Expansion was a quarterly issue for the client, a large Multi-National Service provider with over 200 million subscribers. The challenge was that their customers were looking for better connectivity and user experience. 


Site studies were conducted with their Engineering teams to understand the challenges at the field level. These studies were conducted at different times of the day. In one case, proximity to a Railway station meant that there was a large influx of users arriving every 1 hour as trains brought passengers home. Once the passengers disembarked they would simultaneously connect to the local towers that would not be able to handle the capacity and would result in a spike of dropped calls and loss of connectivity. This was causing a shift by users to a competing carrier. It was determined that using some of the high capacity solutions and network planning expertise a series of sites were re-vamped to manage the additional loads that were occurring during the peak hours. Extensive testing was conducted over several weeks to ensure that all traffic surge scenarios were considered.

The Results

The network became robust and enabled expanding the number of users by a factor of 2 to 3 times. This was validated by studies conducted post the deployment of the proprietary solution into the network. The result was no loss of revenue, better connectivity for users and most important reduced Capex and Opex at the client’s sites. Our solution enabled the curtailing of ongoing expenditures by the client to retrofit their sites on a regular basis. Based upon compelling results from our team the Service provider used the solution at 1000’s of sites across the country.

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