Custom Assessments Platform


The time and cost spent on recruitment was being calculated by the client, a large healthcare captive centre, both in terms of budget and manpower and more important reach. The forecast for recruitment was to grow the voice-based customer support business by 50% annually. In addition to duration of assessments there was a concern about finding the right candidates consistently and reliably. 


The Recruitment Assessment Solution allowed the client to have total control over the creation, administration and data reporting of all recruitment assessments. A comprehensive internal training was conducted for recruiter and trainers separately. We worked closely with the training and recruitment team to first conduct baseline testing. The data was mapped to the existing manpower to create a hiring scale that mapped internal decision making.  This data was then mapped into the Custom Assessments that were created by our team. The candidates were tested on metrics essential for their performance on the production floor. This was an iterative process at arriving at the correct level of difficulty and a well calibrated scale to ensure results that were in line with manual decision making. 

The Results

In Year 1 based on the baseline testing data, the client was able to successfully reduce the assessment duration from 30 minutes to 12 minutes, evaluating critical to process skills. This enabled the recruitment teams to schedule double the numbers of candidate assessments as before.  The wait time at all hiring locations across the country for assessments was reduced substantially for the candidates. The two assessment structure of pre-screening followed by final assessment allowed for the elimination of wrong hires leading to exponential cost saving in the hire and train model.

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