Employee Communication Skills Development Program


Effective Communication Skills was identified as an essential skill for the organization, which is a captive Contact Centre for an IT sector multinational corporation. It was mandated that all employees from Senior Management to Tech Support be assessed, mapped and trained to bring everyone on par across the organization.


The flexibility of the Language Learning Platform allowed us to visualize a band wise approach. Each level required a different mix of learning modes – One on one coaching, tailored e-learning content, and instructor led classroom, phone based coaching and self paced e-learning.

The time spent in each learning mode differed based on their job role constraints and their end objectives. To enable each participant to benefit fully at their own learning and development pace, automated and customized pre and post assessment were created and delivered on a weekly basis. The users were encouraged to learn to review the data from their activity and assessments and identify areas of improvement.

The Results

In Year 1 of the program 1600 employees completed the program over a 6 month intensive self paced practice and classroom interaction. In subsequent years, there was an increase of 25% in employees covered by the program. On average the supervisor level employees showed a needle movement of one CEFR level across 6 months of regular training intervention. By the end of Year 2 employees who underwent the program were calibrated at CEFR B2 and above. 

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